Here is what you get with this American Made Daneproof Bed:
  • Daneproof Core -- Our core inner mattress with a secret mix of fillers that give soft but firm support for Danes of any age.
  • Daneproof Cover -- Detonation Proof mattress cover makes this the last bed you'll ever buy.
  • Durable "Sheet" -- Functionally, it's just like a bed sheet. Easy to wash every couple days in a load of other items, lots of choices to match your home decor, and comfortable to the touch. This is where you get to go crazy with colors and make it yours. Maybe even get a few extra to spice things up a bit.
  • Coupons GALORE -- We have some other products coming out very soon, and we can't think of better people to offer them to first than the folks that already love us because they bought our beds. You'll get great deals on anything we offer in the future that aren't available to the general public. Did someone say "Daneproof trashcan"? 
Great Color Combinations
Royal Blue/Black
Navy Blue/Black
Royal Blue/Charcoal
Navy Blue/Charcoal
large Crate SIZE
Reg Price: $297
  • 30" x 48"
  • Fits Standard Large Kennel
x-Large Crate SIZE
Reg Price: $397 
  • 37" x 54"
  • Fits Standard XL Kennel
Reg Price: $497
  • 48" x 60"
  • Perfect for 2 Danes!
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